A Total Life Change!

Change, it all started in 2015 while searching for comfort. As a child at the age of 7, my appendix ruptured while I was asleep. I was awakened by a very unusual level of pain. It is only by the grace of God that I am still here. I remember very early that morning right before my dad was to leave for work. I heard my mom tell him let’s take her to the hospital, which was at least 15 country miles from the house in the opposite direction of his job.

So, we make it to the hospital (small hospital seemed to have 1 doctor & 1 nurse) and I am still crying holding my stomach. After the exam this doctor told my parents that there is no indication of a ruptured appendix. My mom disagreed with the doctor and told my dad to take us with him to the next hospital which was now 60 miles away.

Thinking back now, from the time I woke up in all that pain to the time I finally got to the next hospital, I could have been dead and gone (in the voice of my mom). By now my dad is late for work so he drops us off. I am finally at the big hospital, they rushed me into surgery, I was near death, they asked my mom where was my dad? They urged her to call him back to the hospital. During the first surgery they removed more than a gallon of poison from my system. I was then labeled as a miracle. Back then not many survived a ruptured appendix. Since so much time had passed without the proper attention, my entire system was poisoned, and I was left with unmatched levels of pain that followed me into adulthood. It was always comforting to hear my mom sing “God will make a way somehow”, and one of her favorite scriptures which became one of my favorite scriptures is Revelations 22:2 “The leaves of the tree is for the healing of the nations.”

My stay at the hospital was long and my mom never left myside.
Dealing with that pain followed me from one stage in my life to the next. It was always painful to eat, sleep of what seemed to just exist. Pain I thought was to be a major part of my life, so I learned to just live with it. My mom knew herbs and many home remedies. I remember her saying “drink this” whatever she gave me I was always willing to take it in hopes of finding comfort from the indescribable levels pain.

Fast forward to 2009! I’ve always heard that misery loves company! I am here to tell you, so does pain! In December of 2009, 3 days before my daughter’s 23 birthday I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. Nothing but my childhood could have prepared me for the level of pain that riddled my mind, body and soul that day. I remember telling the doctor; “with a name like yours how can you give such bad news”, I immediately told him “I hear what you are saying but I don’t receive it.” “God is going to make a way somehow”. No matter how much pain I was in as a child, my mom never let me see her doubt the power of God. She always said HOLD-ON, I think that was one of her super-powers.

Continued pain, chemotherapy, radiation, hair loss, hair loss yes hair loss hit me the hardest because I thought I had already hit all levels of pain that one could go through. Pain on top of pain, how could this be. Still holding on!

“Like a ship that’s tossed and driven Led by an angry sea When the storms of life are raging and the spirit falls on me I wonder what I have done To make this race so hard to run Then I say to my soul. Soul take courage the Lord will make a way somehow”!
Still praying, still believing, still holding on. I believe that God sent me an angel to lead me to and through Total Life Changes. This is how I found conformation in Revelations 22:2!

I make no medical claims while giving my testimony of the true power of God! I thank God for the leaves of the trees that’s set aside for the comforts of not only my body but the body of my family, friends and others around me. I thank God for Total Life Changes! www.sip2change.com

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