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BTTS Launch Date: SEPTEMBER 26TH. (00:01 AM)

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May you receive the 100 fold that Jesse Duplantis spake of ( How Money 📹 )

Alfred. How should we utilize this new wealth?

Use your Brand New Wealthy to Preach The Gospel of The Lord Jesus of Nazareth.
Here's why:

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All is Forgiven, and His blood is Good & Alive - - > 《 {Yes} Gods 🐑 shall receive this.


Petition The Government - - >

B T T S. Launch September 25th
Silver 🥈
Gold 🥇 Matrix (2×2|6 places & you are paid) Free Re-entry too

20 ➕ photos of Noah Ark Park 🇹🇷 Turkey

In loving memory of Mother Judith Gruver!

Alfred's Let's Get Funded Today in Silver and Gold
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It qualifies All Levels w. o. extra fee pay.
Three calls remain. Monday 9:00 Pm_Zoom EDT.
Today is 11TH of Sept .
Admin Joel's request: please pay for 🥈 position by Sept 18th ☺
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Why you must Pray Right Now Saints of The Most High God, world over!

Stop the Left’s “Disqualification” Plot

Please help us reach 50,000 asap today!


1K:70K:YEAR TWELVE Lord willing to Bless president Donald John Trump so! ☺ ☺ ☺ 》

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Holy Ghost Commandos

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Okay L.O.L 😂
Using my calculator right here 》

Watch CRT Cryptonits!

Fast moving storm in Atlantic...

Crying out to Jesus Christ of Nazareth --> The only Begotten Son of Almighty God

"The brighter the light the greater the shadow." (Engineer Henry Gruver__Joyful Sound Ministry) ...prepare to wipe your 😭 A Joyful message from the ♥
H. G. with Sid Roth on its-supernatural-network


Henry shares The Arch of The Covenant in Zedekiah Cave (Jeremiah's Groto) __ Jerusalem 》


DBL ice rings around Saturn (Job 38:1)..God Almighty answers Job out of
Whirlwind! Stars sing 🎶 Y'all!
Open Audio Listen...
Movie 🎦 'Contact'
'Blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy!'
Let your yes be yes and your no be no, for anything after is Sin. RomaNs 8: 7, to 9
Ron Wyatt's excavation of Romes' Amphitheater.. 12 feet down is saturated blood of lions eating Christians. ' "IRON SHARPENS IRON" ' ( HENRY'S MSG TITLE ) ... Psalms 120:1 ...
John 20:23 ... Romans (REMit PAST SiNS) 3: 25, 26 ))

Watch CRT Cryptonits. It may
go up ^

Do Not Let The Constitution of These United States of America Be Shred In Pieces

- - > Witches-swept Washington DC Streets (Attention Parents: Raw Video)

Does this Disturb You?


2022 thru Today 2023 :::::::::::》 ELEVEN PRIME RATE CHANGES?

SEE - - >

🙏 beforehand .


Here's a peak at what's occurring in Heaven...

Please share with whomsoever will receive it.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Ron Wyatt of TN, USA, Told The Truth,
by Henry Gruver {Prayer Walker in 55 Countries}

( )


Prepare Your New Launch in silver&gold 2x2 Matrix where anyone can help you to fill it (that's all six spots), Tonight's conference call 9pm September 4th.
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Meeting ID:
876 8958 4184

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Expect new pre-launch in the next two to five weeks. Next week teaser ___ Kristen and Joel Broughton (Call ended 21:36__all calls are recorded since July 2022) ...Getfunded12345
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Another way:

RE: Admin Joel announced; 'No Fee to withdraw Interest Today (or any day)!'

My Visit To Heaven Part I

A Orlando's Earn Stats: Aug 2023 __USD: 608.00 Interest

August 2022
__ Join Date: October 2022 __

A. O. V.
(First 6 Months or less)
Lord Willing,
and The Church awaits His Return from Holy, Holy, Holy Father's Home in Heaven Above.

Prepare to Watch
Watch 'The Bethlehem STAR 🌟' by Atty Larson

Transgender is a very old and Ancient Witchcraft Practice.
Carefully watch The late Mother Maryanne Katherine Baxter's Interview with ISN'S Sid Roth (It's Supernatural TV 📺 and 📻 radio across America 🇺🇸 and Canada 🇨🇦 plus ➕ worldwide.
RE: her soul being with Jesus Christ of Nazareth Bodily...

30 nights inside of Hell's Gates.
➕ TEN nights inside of Heaven's Jasper Walls where the streets are pure gold and clear as crystal glass.

Please ENJOY HER 1970'S ADVENTURES! ___Alfred Orlando V.
M. Kathy
Baxter's service...One was held in NewKensington, PA (The town where I'd lived until f👪 moved to Buffalo NY 1968
Auto●Truck●Tractor-Truck Collision 💥..I'd reach my 🏡
Tomorrow.. Two months Later (January 1969) in a body cast from waste to left foot with multiple injuries and possibly a death experience
.. But, but I'm alive this Very hour to share my DBL Visions with you today. Yes, I also went there to Heaven to receive a mandate from Christ Jesus my savior! "Do not go to HELL AMERICA!
M.k. Baxter saw this 3000 years WITCH 🧙‍♀️ transgender 5 (V) FIVE WAYS in a dirt Jail Cell inside of The BelLy 🛎 of Hell alongside of Jesus Christ.

Jesus to Maryanne Katherine Baxter; "you must write inbooks what you've seen and heard , and only what I tell you. You will make a 🎦 and thousands will be saved when seeing this."

Maryanne Kathy Baxter to Jesus Christ of Nazareth; "Yes Lord, as she wept after feeling the actual FIRES of HELL!"

Inn loving memory of a Supernatural American Indian

Shortened here - >


Open audio 🔉

CLEAR CACHE DATA OFTEN to decrease dangerous static charges

Have you voted for it?
Your vote Counts Church!

Pepper Sray In Self Defense is LEGAL in NEW YORK STATE Y'all!

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pepper spray legal in ny - Google Zoeken

WARNING: Marijuana Laced with Fentanyl

--- >

The Bethlehem STAR 🌟
Located by Attorney Larson ( with recent Star CPU software).
( 1:05:03 )

Shortened Link...


Defend Israel From Anti-Israel Attacks Across the Globe

515,275 Signatures
August 15th. 2023
Henry Gruver's Testimonial ->

Alfred's Profile... Getfunded12345 since October 2022

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The Book of Daniel (Full Movie) ink
8.8K views · 1 year ago


CV Letter Hunt
Congratulations! You just won 112 credits!
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Claimed by 13:15 EDT

Superbook - Jesus in the Wilderness - Season 4 Episode 11 - Full Episode (Official HD Version)
167K views · 4 days ago...more

"Just announced... DBL Shares purchasing for next 7 days through Monday. Example: Buy 10 shares (= 20 COMPANY SHArES) if. Buy 50 shares. Get 💯 shares
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Do not let Politicians send you to HELL.

Healthy Folks are being Killed by physicians in Canada via politics ?



Shortened here

Please share my page with family 👪, churches...


Joel's Company Video 📹 presentation...

July 31st. 2023

Adding Contact Name and email address to Joel's 💯 %Funded AutoResponder ...

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by mistake, easily remove the email address by moving to the right open ... see DELETE.

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Total withdrawal must be equal to 7,600 Crt Cryptonits or less.

Confirmation #

Your account is pending August 5th, 2023.
7600 Crt Cryptonits
See Crt Cryptonits to USD Value.

To Admin Lucas B of England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Thanks... Re: Confirm action | PIN 024×××


Keep up the great work at DBL by year 2⃣
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As I praise God The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth for Honesty on The World Wide Web!

A word from Admin Joel B.
"We Have The Leads Y'all
...Joel B
{ Added manually 91.43% } was from Yesterday's Member's Manual Input -- > Auto-Responder. The Balance was from Joel's Team-Input Aug 3RD, 2023

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Completely ~AutoResponder ~MMS ~SMS Payments ~Postcards ~ Shares ➕


We already have the Leads Y'all!

Henry Gruver Meets Ron Wyatt in Jerusalem

3: 18

We already have the Leads Y'all! - >

Say NO to the W. H. O. !

STOP THE SHOTS! 40 DOCTORS ASKING FOR THE COVID VACCINE TO BE STOPPED Stop the Frankenclotshot genocide IMPORTANT! SPREAD! highly recommended Stop the child murderers!


(10:00 / 41:29)


Mass murder with the COVID injections and planned mass murder with Gene Drive irrefutably proven IMIPORTANT! SPREAD! 2023
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< - - -

Henry Gruver's Testimonial (Prayer Walker in over Fifty Countries around God's Globe!) ...
Esp Meeting Ron Wyatt by a Divine Appointment, for the very First Time in a Jerusalem Arab Hotel.
- - - > < - - -


Amazing Encounters with Angels, Demons & Heaven! | Henry Gruver on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!

Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!
1.82M subscribers
or Shorten -- >


☺ CTRL C is copy .. CTRL V is Paste .. Mouse over word to Highlight.

Hey Y'all,
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I've liked the way Tucker Carlson said it after That Debate; "A Country without Free Speech is Not A Democracy!" ....I agree. See the mess up in Albany 》》》
'Forced LGBTQ Thoughts without any Proofs of Science of GENDER CHANGE at conception upon an entire Nation with a CONSTITUTIONAL Government!
NO-WAY America!

What has God Almighty from Heaven Said on His Holy Breathe Spirit Word ((( Leviticus 19: 19 .I... Thou shall not (TRANS)/GENDER AN Animal ))) Levi 18th Chapter = SEX INSTRUCTIONS to and for His People ISRAEL!
See, for comfort and repentance and forgiveness of Sins before The Rapture of the Covenant Body of Messiah ( ...Rabbi Jonathan Cahn WARNS AMERICA of False Gods)
(-))) Jesse Duplantis saw Jesus Christ of Nazareth as he expressed to Him (...MY last Tear to wipe away will be on Judgement Day ___ 2:38:55 ___ SEARCHING 》Jesse.Visits.Heaven 1988

☺ ☺ ☺

I thank you Lord Jesus for reminding me of another way that I've already had access to, in order to secure funds for both autoresponders and MMS_PLAN w Joel B! ☺ ☺ ☺

Install CryT..

( )

RE: Alfred's money access link if you do not have 401K Loan capabilities.
》Enter SEARCH TERM via ( ) 》 ○ (II)MMS_PLAN @ 2,000 USD ...all MMS_postcards are Addressed and Mailer's Done for you! ☺ ...Admin Joel B.

How-to-clean-outlets-&-switches (+) View ->
Be Careful with This Please!
Shortened - >

How Money Works by Jesse D. -- >

Henry Gruver - Prayer Walker
50K views · 7 years ago

(Every promise in the book 📙 is mine!) ...Henry Gruver
Isaiah 54: 14

Mary-k-baxters Question {'How shall the whole world know?} See The 5 Day Radio Interview.

I Have Decided to Follow Jesus - Lydia Walker (Lyric Video)
1.9M views · 1 year ago_UNITED STATES

Saint Albans Cathedral
Deut 26: 26

< --

Behold My Beloved low he comes.

Guest Speaker- Henry Gruver

< ---

Cordially with God's Family Blessings,
Alfred Orlando V.

A Man of God who hears blood cry from the ground.

Exclusive Interview with Henry Gruver... Henry meets Ron Wyatt of TN, USA while walking Jerusalem Streets.

(a) ...Lost Wallet miracle

(b) ...saved by Two Big Angels

(c) ...The Arab Jerusalem Hotel
😇 ...Henry meets Ron there

(d) ...Miracles on the Mountain (..Ron's trip 70+ to Israel 🇮🇱)

(e) ...a divine appointment, Henry weeps!
☺ ☺ ☺

May the blood that secured our freedom not ever be forgotten! Happy Fourth of July Celebration 🎉


GetFunded Today Folks!

Po... R __ just joined!
Id: (Pooyaf20) ___joined
July 10th... ___
+ Flexo (Flexo) __joined
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Admin Joel's Msg
(267) 833-0592

Miracles at AZUSA STREET in Los Angeles, California
(1906 - 1909) for around 3 1/2 Years, every Night and Day (24/7)

or shortened - - > < - -
☺ ☺ ☺

N.Y. State Residents (((This SHOULD))) S H O C K___ YO U!
-- > < --
CTRL A : Highlight ALL
CTRL V : PASTE IT (Hint: Inside Email Draft Body Compose File) ..Skip one space in SUBJECT AREA = Saved To Draft Folder.

A Documentary...

The Life of Apostle Peter:

As shared on

David Suchet: In The Footsteps Of Saint Peter: Part 2 (2012) | Full Movie | David Suchet
32K views · 2 years ago

Jesus Said, "Who do you say that I am?" ... Peter answered, ".... ... ... Christ, ... S.. of The living God"

How The Pyramids Were Built...

A Ron Wyatt Museum Family Blessing.

Alfred, why do you believe Jesse Went To Heaven?


whether by Flesh, or by a Trance

(See Apostle Paul's Account of Heaven's Journey);

( whether in the body or out of the body i visited the third heaven )
2 Corinthians 12:2 I know a man in Christ who fourteen ...

Bible Hub › 2_Corinthians 12:2
I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago was caught up to the third heaven. Whether it was in the body or out of the body I do not know—God knows.

So therefore God Knows ___Jesse meets Paul in Heaven who shared this thought a-NEW!


Jesse.Visits.Heaven Y'all (1988) WOW! ☺ ☺ ☺

God's Promise to The Nation Israel -- >
Home-Coming Music ^HEAVEN and The New Earth^ -- >

For this is the love of God, that we keep His Commandments.

1 John 5:3

“For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.”

King James Version (KJV)
Isaiah 2: 2, 3
Only by His Holy Breathe Spirit shall we do this. See Acts chapter's 1. 2. And also 3 and 10.

Children Love SUPERBOOK VIDEOS around God's Wonderful Globe!

Other News Today (June 29TH, 2023)

Shortened via -- >
Paste a
Long URL here.
Press SHORTEN Button
In The Mean While (((Check out Dr. Miller's Holy Tea Club)) I've sold this under Chuck Dhuey's dba (Velocitea) for Fifteen Years, and consumed much of it until 2023.
Here's another Shortened Link ---- ---- My USD & BTC & CRT Splash Notes are there also!
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Last Years Taxable Earning: $ 800.00 + USD/BTC
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FUNDEDMEDIA is Paying MMS (MoneyMailSecrets) Members as administrator. Joel B Promised!

9pm Zooming...Msg..(267) 833-0592. One-Time $100. MMS_plan: 90.00 front-End + Admins Auto-Responder__ + MMS Payouts begun in Large!

Here the Latest Update (Last Monday's Zooming Conference Call)

It Posted a Day Later. ___Admin Joel B.

Song for Today:
"Take Me to the King" Tamela Mann, First Baptist Church of Glenarden

"THE PRAYER" with Lyrics_Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli_By Moonlight6869

Amazing Archaeological Discoveries...

"Moses seen as an Egyptian..."

Mary Nell Wyatt-Lee explains Ron Wyatt's Archaeological Discoveries inside Egypt
Scenery: (50:00/57:09)
~Moses' Father, and Mother~

Turkey 🇹🇷

6:1 ratio


Noah's Ark...Turkish Government National Park....

~~~Thanks for watching ~~~

BBC in the footprints of Saint Paul video...

David Suchet: In The Footsteps Of Saint Peter: Part 2 (2012) | Full Movie | David Suchet
32K views · 2 years ago

~~~~~ Thanks for watching ~~~~~

Are we halted between two opinions America?

》》》 Weakness Leads to War or Servitude

~~~ Thank you ~~~

The works of Ron Wyatt on Noah's Three ( 3 ) Deck Ark including evidence of Stairway connection of all three decks (upper-middle-lower) continues:

Resistivity data is shared where dynamite was used in the 1960's to check out this huge structure.
(Mt's of Arrarat, Turkey 🇹🇷 ) __please click 'Watch Again' before exiting TikTok. ...Mary Nell Wyatt-Lee Edition ... bookstore and other references of Brother Ron Wyatt Noah's Ark Park Dedication and Research...

Go Here to open Fund-raising business opportunities
(If not there, )

Prerecorded message with Joel B.
(267) 833-0592

MMS. 90% front/ 💯 % back member payout by Owner and Administrator Joel B.
➕ AutoResponder system done for you! Requires your API Key 🗝 immediately after purchase of Admin's Responding System (see Monday's recorded 📱 call)
(To Upgrade in MMS you may purchase starting package. After receiving the from Administrator Joel, you may Upgrade all the way up to Maximum. 90% front 💯% back for Life-Time residual income)

He Launched 100% MEMBERS Funds payout in July 2022 for the MLM Marketer who has tired of being left out.

See and come to our Zoom Call on Monday Night (EDT)
_______ _______
_____ _____

Today's Heroes: WATCH: Video Section 16:30/22:26

America Is on the Verge! Judge Jeanine Pirro | FlashPoint

Get Judge Jeanine's Book:

Open LIVE TRAINING link for Phone# and three ID Code numbers.

Repeat the last numbers (Passcode) twice. Thank you!

(a) Purchase SHARES
(b) Buy Addressed or Non-Addressed Post Card
(c) Invest in Reality Micro-Loan(s) ..Minimum Inv: $ 1 Grand ($1,000.00)
Earning Life Interest with Admin Joel's Company (Joel's List was built since the Late 1990's)

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Blessings out of debt steps today !

☺ ☺ ☺
Alfred O. Vining

May 2023 Stats: next interest payments....

June 7th, 8th, also the 18th of June.

My MicroLoans Interest $224.91
My MicroLoans Balance $_,107.91

...expect to be amazed at God's hand in Ron Wyatt's Archaeological Work


Mary Nell Wyatt-Lee, concerning Ron's amazing Biblical Archaeological Discoveries


Hindu Man Dies & Jesus Gives Him 5 Urgent Instructions!


Alfred's mostly viewed Christian video 📹


Win 45 visit, Mini-Brander hits, every Three hours at 🏡 Let many Nations see your 👪 Products today!

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Join Right Away for a Foundational Member's Placement if available.
Remember that Interest Earning's are Compounded as long as PRINCIPLE is INTACT and there is Interest left in your Account Balance to be COMPOUNDED after Day 30. Annualy (36% Interest) (+) Any Compounding at 1% minimum Monthly (approx: 41% Yearly) URL:
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Sub-Total Earning's____ $30.00 x 4 =120.00 Monthly at 3% Monthly Guaranteed

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Archaeological Discoveries Proofs of Joseph & Moses in the Lands of Egypt...

Science Analysis of lift capability | capacity in Tons...

500 TONS...above 50 Feet HIGH

Joseph (((Imhotep))) & Moses ...Section 28:00/57:17 Joseph's Pyramid Builder Machine...
Description of and by Brother Ron Wyatt of TN
Museum. (((Praise God The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth)))
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The Bethlehem STAR 🌟by Atty. Mr. Larson

The Star is a Mystery,
especially, How Did it (they) Stand STILL? over Bethlehem? (Video 1:05:02)

Genesis 1 (audio 🔉

FlashPoint: Satanic Woke Agenda, Target EXPOSED!

The Victory Channel
662K subsc

What to expect in America Prophetic Outlook...
Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Speaks clearly and directly about The Sin Of Murdering The Unborn

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2017 Southwest Believers' Convention: 101 Things God Said ...HEALING...
Visit 》


Bishop S.N. Hancock - YouTube -- >


Miracles at very Early Ages:

(Age 8) (Age 4) (Age 4 1/2 Miracle; 6 Big Big Big Angels - 1 of 2)

- >

Celebrating the Life of Tommy Welchel from the Azusa Street Revival!

Rest In Peace Tommy!

The Fire Department would receive a FIRE CALL at AZUSA STREET (Los Angeles, CA).

See what they said for THE REASON NOT TO GO THERE....!&rlz=1C1GCEB_enUS1059US1059&oq=Sid+Roth+of+ISN+Comments+--+%3E+Tommy+Wechel.+Download+ISN+Today!&aqs=chrome..69i57.523j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8


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Azusa Street (Body parts created)

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Why have dessert first?


Ron Wyatt Meets Jesus Christ at a distance. (Jerusalem)



HENRY GRUVER MEETS RON WYATT - PART 2 Continued profound testimony of Henry Gruver about Ron Wyatt, his discoveries and the Ark of the Covenant.... | By Yahusha Followers Worldwide | Facebook


Cordially with God's Family Blessings,
Alfred V.

Imhotep of Egypt. Who was He? With Mary Nell Wyatt-Lee


A TBN Interview with Brother Jesse Duplantis

☺ ☺ ☺
Lazarus was one of Jesus best friends... Henry Gruver meets Ron Wyatt in Jerusalem 🚶 and 🚶 praying!
walking 12 days(16hrs each) 🚶 Brother Gruver 🙏 🚶 "Divine Appointment COMPLETED!!!"

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Sid Roth LIVE: Resurrection Glory with Glenda Jackson, Georg Karl & Eli Ellis
181K views · Streamed 3 years ago.

Colossians 3:1


video 》》》 I know it was Gods Blood for me!!&oq=video+I+know+it+was+Gods+Blood+for+me!&aqs=chrome..69i57j33i10i160l2j33i299l2.28898j0j1&client=ms-android-boostdish-us-revc&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8

➕ seer and Prophetess
Shelli Jones presents
☺ prophetess mamma jenkins knew Smith Wigglesworth. (((^ but first things 1st::: "He said, we were 80 MILES OFF COURSE in SpACE, BUT.....PRAYER 🙏 🙏 🙏 all 🌃 NIGHT...")))

PRESS Like pls.
'TRANCE...America ...End Times.'

Grace music 🎶

》 Shelli's Manuel

II Songs of Solomon 2 &


Why plead The Blood Of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Daily (Yeshua HaMashiach Adonai)?

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Here's an easy way to remember Genesis chapter 1.

[Amazing Testimony!!!] Lifted Up By The Spirit | Joshua Mills with Dr. Billye Brim & Shelli Brim


'Secrets of The Argentina Revival' ...Tommy Hicks, Evangelist

Joshua 1:3

According to my word, be though made whole!!!

☺ ☺ ☺

The Body of Christ Jesus of Nazareth (Yeshua HaMashiach Adonai) exalted until The Body is Raptured into God's Sky (Head ➕ Body :: One)


The Soon Coming of Jesus and the Elijah Calling - Dr. Billye Brim

Official Dr. Billye Brim 25.2K subscribers

Sincere hope with 🙏
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Imhotep The Pyramid Builder, is identified here as Joseph)


Greg's Handyman Service
(716) 308_

From Joseph to Moses part 2 with Mary Nell Wyatt Lee
May 5, 2022 — Mary Nell Wyatt Lee shares historical findings regarding Moses, his mom, adopted mom, who was Pharaoh during the Red Sea and who was...

What Yeshua Hamashiach Adonai did for Israel in The Land of Egypt unto the Promised Lands, He Shall also Do....for You!

Psalms 68:19

Everyday, He Carries Us in His HIS Hands

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IRAN/Israeli WAR ?
Fallout from an Israel-Iran War | CBN NewsWatch - June 6, 2023

12:00/57:17 ___EGYPT 🇪🇬 the world events.

Genesis 47:6
... 47:11

Lift Capacity: 500 x 2,000 pounds ((500 Tons))

How High?
60' (sixty feet into the air)
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Today's Heroes:

America Is on the Verge! Judge Jeanine Pirro | FlashPoint

Get Judge Jeanine's Book:

Jeremiah 30:1


Journey to the Sky - Sadhu Sundar Singh

283K subscribers
There are many that do know about Christ, but they do not know Him.
___Sadhu Sundar Singh ( 25:00/45:45 )
....Into The Pit of Death (Sundar in Tibet)


Are You Ready To meet The Lord Jesus? | Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

Jesus My King Church
28.5K subscribers
...The Outer, Outer Place In Heaven.
Many Saints will abide there in Heaven...
...The Inner Court, and The Outer-Court explanation...
| Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

James 4:7

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. (Thank you Jesus) (Thank you Jesus) (Thank you Jesus) (Thank you Jesus) Resist the devil, (Thank you Jesus) and he will flee from you." (Thank you Jesus) (Thank you Jesus) (Thank you Jesus) (Thank you Jesus)

King James Version (KJV)

Thousands of Songs of Praise & Worship!
One of my Most loved Worship songs:

Be Still My Soul


The Legacy of Pat Robinson Audio 🔉
June 9TH, 2023

(3 Days ago: I Saw Him! I Saw Yeshua Face to Face!

ISN – It's Supernatural! Network 546K subscribers )

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Let The Church Say Amen (feat. Marvin Winans)

Andraé Crouch - Topic
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Children Love SuperBook:
Superbook - Revelation: The Final Battle! - Season 1 Episode ...

How had Ron Wyatt located Sodom and Gomorrah with three three cities of the plains?,vid:yh7wdmTeJh8

(21:00/1:04:13)... displays laboratory analysis of brimstone = sulpher stones
(29:00/1:04:13)....Smithsonian Institute shared their amazement: "No where on Planet Earth is there White Sulpher, 90%+ Pure."
5 Locations: Near The Dead Sea.

Thank You Team!
Spread Truth Around God's Globe!
Alfred O. Vining
CPU Science___Class of '76

Since 2007....Alfred
also through-- > L..e-E........t

Holy Tea (product: Tea Bags: 8ct) | By Life Enthusiast
Life Enthusiast
Bag · Unsweetened · Energy

RE: dba VelociTea since 2007, closed and ended Holy Tea Bag distribution after fifteen years of successful business (Brother Chuck Dhuey ...CEO)

BREAKING: Pres. Trump Charged Under Espionage Act June 9, 2023 Not Spying Y'all___"Retaining Documents" This Is Not an ARREST Y'all ...Jay Sekulow of

Jesse.Visits.Heaven ➕ experiences encountered Angels ~
He saw
"Babies... (20:00/35:36)"


White Sulpher Cities (Powder formations)

Watching June 2023...
THERMAL IONIZATION HEAt included Gold Crystal Find. 🔥
Huge Swirling (38:00/1:14:13)
Apostle Paul stated, "Knowing the terror of God, we pursued MEN everywhere to REPENTANCE!!!

2 Corinthians 5:11-21 King James Version.

Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men; but we are made manifest unto God; and I trust also are made manifest in your consciences.

"Take Me to the King" Tamela Mann, First Baptist Church of Glenarden

Inside FBCG
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2 Corinthians 12:2 I know a man in Christ who fourteen ...

Discoveries via Ron Wyatt



Shortened - > ( )

Missing-jumper-wire-at-water-meter -- >

Grounding/Bonding ...

Bonding the Hot Water Tank and Gas Line

Ark Discoveries:
Ron Wyatt in Zedekiah's Cave

...Just _ IN July 2023

My Two Visions of the Rapture! | Episode #1182 | Perry Stone Perry Stone 784K subscribers

"Blessed Is He Who Is Skilled With The Sword (God's Word)"

A short study:
The Lords Holy Bible Animations :

... What the last book of the Bible is about?

Let People Freely Think!

Tucker Carlson Tonight 7/15/23
Full HD | Breaking News LIVE

(((Consider the things that you are not allow to say!)))....Tucker Carlson

(((A Country Without Free Speech is Not A Democracy!))) ....Tucker Carlson

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We Are 'On The Verge of' A COMMUNIST AMERICA?

HORRIFIC REVELATION: FBI Lied About Multi-State Task Force Targeting Christians

HORRIFIC REVELATION: FBI Lied About Multi-State Task Force Targeting Christians ('On The Verge of' A COMMUNIST AMERICA?)

A Special Thank You...


HORRIFIC REVELATION: FBI Lied About Multi-State Task Force Targeting Christians (On The Verge of A COMMUNIST AMERICA?) (((3:46))) Two False Statements (A National Coast To Coast Catholic & Christian-Attack..DOC. UNCLASSIFIED)

PAUSE MOMEMT Y'ALL! (((One Year Of Church Sur·veil·lance {A


close observation, especially of a suspected spy or criminal.

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The Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth On The MERCY SEAT of THE ARK OF THE COVENANT that Elder Moses Made in The Wilderness Journey

A sip of this on the right 👉 side and the left 👈 👄


"HEAVEN is a Planet." ..Jesse
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Sept 26TH:

FINALLY! Joel Broughton Announced this Decision and Extension.

BTTS Launch Date: SEPTEMBER 26TH. (00:01 AM)

Movie - Time:

The Covenant | English | Official Full HD Movie

Bible Collection: Jeremiah (1998) | Full Movie | Patrick Dempsey | Oliver Reed

THE BOOK OF DANIEL ( 2013 ) ___ Full Movie - YouTube

Superbook - Revelation: The Final Battle! - Season 1 Episode ...

Mary Nell Wyatt-lee - Google Zoeken

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