My name is Claire and I would like to show you a very simple formula for easily making money online, just using your smartphone.

Our goal will be to build your list, automate everything and take YOU to an ever growing residual commission and profit, without any need to take money from your own pocket.

The first step to accomplish that is by joining a program that will supply us with upfront cash without the need to put out any cash to upgrade:
This Free To Join Bizopp pays $25 over and over for every upgraded member you recruit and is great to work on a smartphone!

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The second step is completing Paid Surveys, Offers and Tasks, and watching Paid Ads and Videos.

Now the most important part of those and the thing that pays the most is the Paid Surveys, and the key to do as many as possible of those is to give honest and consistent answers, plus look for more multiple times per day.

The places to find the best paying surveys on a smartphone is.

1. Timebucks (+ $1 signup bonus and other ways to earn)
2. Prizerebel (+ random bonuses)
3. Cointiply (+ faucet game)
4. Swagbucks (+ daily to do list bonus, other bonuses and other ways to earn)
5. Inbox Dollars (+ bonus and other ways to earn)

Just go through each of them and complete the surveys in the order that gives you the best monetary reward for your time, and do note that even though there are some overlap there are also unique offers in each. Then go on and do easier things like watching the videos, taking the daily poll, and unique to timebucks you can do the daily content, take the daily poll and roll for a bonus.

They each also have some nice referral programs that let you earn a commission on the earnings of your referrals (at no extra cost to them of course).

Reproduce this page and use it as your target when you share your referral links on social media, on your blog and other places to get those referrals. You can also use some dedicated tools to generate traffic and get signups. Below are a group of some of what is available to you in that arena :

Regular Hits:

1. ClickVoyager
2. LeadsLeap
3. TrafficAdBar

Viral Pass On Pages (Loads of Hits As Your Ads Travel on Your Referrals Pages):

1. Cashing In On Banners
2. Fun Guppy -With Submitters....
3. Traffic and Cash Growth Tool....

These 6 tools will allow you to generate traffic, you get credits for watching ads that you can then use to get traffic to your site. But in the case of the viral sites you will just get traffic promoting them on this page automatically as others sign on. Don't forget to add your site to funguppy *its free, and your banner to cashing in on banners which is also free.

Now lets review:

1. Create a site just like this in ClickVoyager just like this one using their free Splash Pages.

2. Use the Leadsleap tracker: LeadsLeap also has The Real Tracker if you want to track your results..

3. Advertise This Page

For advertising you can also make use of this banner , and this graphic for LeadsLeap .

Some tips:

A. In ClickVoyager you can get a free 7 day upgrade if you surf 250 pages on Mondays.

B. In LeadsLeap you earn credits for watching and rating ads and the longer you keep focus on it the more credits you will get (as a general rule count to 15 slowly as you view each different ad page), plus you can also get credits for showing ads on your website with Leadsleap.

But what if you don't have a website Claire?

Well then, you can promote leadsleap ads using this great SPLASH Page! Click Here Get a Free Personal Copy

C. In TrafficAdBar you earn website Hits for surfing, 1:1 ratio, plus Points that are used in the level ladder and the higher you rank the more extra traffic you will get.
You can also cloak any website that you promote and get hits by showing the TrafficAdBar at the bottom of that page.

ClickVoyager allows you to earn credits from your referrals on 5 levels, and in LeadsLeap you can earn credits up to 10 levels. What that means is that you are actually growing a team who can give you tons and tons of hits.

All of this can of course be done just using a smartphone, and it is all free to use.

Let us Take It To The Next Level Now:

Once you earn a steady cashflow from this it is time to take it to the next level, by using the cash that you earn as leverage to make even more money, and the best way to do that is by building your own opt-in list.

To build a list many people recommend : AIOP (All In One Profits) . At just $11.50 per month you will get an autoresponder with unlimited lists and unlimited subscribers, plus landing pages with unlimited visitors, and a very favorable affiliate program as a huge bonus.

However, I think a better alternative because of their free affiliate program is: Build a Biz! Join Build a Biz! Free Click Here and Others will then join you in the program. Because they have the option of earning monthly for free, the possibility of upgrading is greater because there will be money to upgrade with. What we will shoot for here is that we will earn the upgrade without having to use any of our job cash. Then you can use your other pre-earned monies to upgrade something else.

Again, In case you missed it, Build a Biz pays monthly for every paid member who joins under you even as a free member. No need to upgrade at first. But as soon as you can I recommend you do upgrade and get the larger monthly commissions and of course your unlimited autoresponder and so many other tools.

For those who would like to see this program skyrocket but have no cash for an autoresponder and do not want to wait till they do, I recommend to follow my friend Erik Gustafssons ebook (the creator of this system) which is brandable and sports a free autoresponder you can use for the list. Exciting isn't it! Click Here to Get it and Brand it you will be joining my list and you can copy paste the emails.

Let me reiterate: You can easily pay for your autoresponder and tools with the cashflow that you have previously established from the get paid to programs and feel free to upgrade that way as well. Either way, once you get some referrals this pays for itself, plus when you upgrade you will start to earn a very nice profit *at a higher rate* that just keeps on growing and growing.

Emails: Emails can be used manually or in a autoresponder once you get it.

I suggest that you use this strategy as a template for your autoresponder emails, and add any info necessary to also include setting up a list in Build a Biz, for your first list, and that you restrict your emails to between 3 and 5 until a time when you get more comfortable in writing followup emails and know what works and what does not.

Or you can just copy and paste the original ones. Click here to get the emails that supports this mobile cash formula! This opens in google drive.

Thank You!

I would like to thank Erik who originating this program and I would also like to thank YOU for taking the time to read this and I hope that you will take advantage of it, and can't wait for it to work to your benefit.

I want to help you.... Please Feel Free to Contact me.

Email me here: cmkoch777 {{at}} Subject line: How To Set Up Mobile Cash Formula

no spam please, I just want to help people I cannot join anything else then what I mentioned here.

P.S. If you do nothing else please please please join The Simple System:
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