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Top Prizes for Pools were...
Pool 1 Mahesh Narkar(Mayu7) From India $ 1,180.48
Pool 2 Josemaria yalan(Chema) From Peru $ 1,317.00
Pool 3 Reyna Calcina(Rein) From Peru $ 1,926.12
Pool 4 Felix Mutunga(flexx) From Kenya $ 3,422.92
Pool 5 Lillian Gilbert(Cryptolady) From USA $ 7,400.00
Pool 6 Dianna Mae c. Barbonio(Diannamae)From Philippines $19,662.00
We also paid out over $3,900 to 5 citizens who were second prize winners in Pool 6
and $1,478 to each of 5 citizens who shared second prize in Pool 5
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