No? That's not good. Surfing without a plan is like putting an elevator in a one room cabin. You can spend a lot of time pressing buttons but you ain't gonna get very far.

Grandpaw's put an easy plan together that just might be right for you. What's so great about it? Well, just take a look.

It's FREE. Sure, you can upgrade sites if you want...but you don't have to.

It's FAST. All the TEs used in this plan have a timer of 8 seconds or less and give at least .5 credits per click

It's REWARDING. All the sites listed participate in The Food Game where you can win gold. This gold can be used to purchase advertising or upgrades at many of the sites used. All of the sites listed also participate in the Finest Traffic Prize Pool where you'll receive one point when you surf 50 pages. Prize pool winnings can be cashed out once you reach $10 or more. As you can see, with these sites, when you surf at 1, you earn with 3.

It's EFFECTIVE! You'll find a large increase in the traffic to your favorite site. As you know, more traffic gives more results.

It's EASY. It won't take all day to complete this plan. Grandpaw says "It's easier'n burnin' biscuits.". Anyone can use this plan.

Ready to give it a try? Then let's get goin'.

I'm tired of the elevator. I want to surf with grandpaw.